Dr. Donald E. Bailey Practitioner of the Year Award

Dr. Don Bailey set the standard for small ruminant practitioners. He loved being a veterinarian, servant of the community, teacher of youth and of colleagues, giver of time, talents and laughter, and above all a wise parent and loving spouse. Our association is better because Don put his stamp on it.We therefore give this award, named in his honor, to recognize the AASRP Small Ruminant Practitioner of the Year.


Nomination Procedure. Nominations are due May 31st, to the management office of AASRP. Nominations are reviewed for appropriate criteria and forwarded to the board of AASRP for selection of the recipient.


The Award. The award will be an etched glass bowl. The glass representing clearness of purpose and transparency of greatness, the bowl representing a reservoir for values necessary for success. The presentation of this award will be given at the AASRP Annual Membership Meeting.


Listed below, are the criteria required for consideration:


  1. Must be a member in good standing of AASRP 
  2. Must be a member of his or her national veterinary association 
  3. Must be a member of AASRP for at least 10 years 
  4. List recipient’s work, must involve at least one species of small ruminants 
  5. List offices that have been held in organized veterinary medicine
  6. Must have involvement in community service 
  7. List awards and recognitions received 
  8. List small ruminant involvement
  9. List mentoring activities
  10. List why you have nominated this individual


I would like to nominate someone for this award.