First AASRP Research Grant Awarded to Dr. Philippa Gibbons

The American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners has awarded Dr. Philippa Gibbons, Texas Tech University, its first research grant for her proposed study “Relationship Between Thoracic Auscultation, Thoracic Ultrasonography and Thoracic Radiographs in Small Ruminants”. This award is just shy of $23,000.


AASRP Research Committee Chair Dr. Virginia Fajt says, “The AASRP Research Committee is excited to contribute to the AASRP’s strategic focus on supporting research that provides clinically relevant information our members can use in practice. We received 12 excellent submissions to this year’s request for proposals, which was a great showing for the first year of the grant.” Fajt adds that all 12 grants were reviewed by experts, and after consideration by the Research Committee, the AASRP Board of Directors made the final selection.


The project is a collaboration between the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine, Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine and the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. “The project will look at the relationship between thoracic auscultation, ultrasound and radiographs in sheep and goats,” Gibbons explains. “As veterinarians, we know that diagnosing respiratory disease in sheep and goats by auscultation alone can be challenging, so the aim of this project is to determine the sensitivity and specificity of auscultation, ultrasound and radiographs, and which combination is most helpful to diagnose respiratory disease. Clinical cases will be used and lung sounds will be recorded using a recordable stethoscope. The lung sounds, ultrasound and radiograph images will also be stored for future use for training veterinary students.”

The Research Committee modeled the request for proposals and review criteria off the criteria used by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Foundation for their clinical research grants. The committee would like to acknowledge the scientific reviewers who gave their valuable time to provide feedback and comments about the proposals: Oche Andrew Adogwa, Melanie Boileau, Joan Burke, Lionel Dawson, Sarah Depenbrock, Sherrill Fleming, Derek Foster, Gretchen Grissett, Jennifer Halleran, Maggie Highland, Matt Miesner, Rachel Oman, Scott Radke, Emily Reppert, Jennifer Schleining, RC Scimeca, Clifford F. Shipley, Philip Skuce, Jamie Stewart, Cindy Wolf and Amelia Woolums.


“We hope to be able to fund projects every year, and we look forward to the contributions clinical research can make to improve the health and welfare of small ruminants and elevate the standards of small ruminant practice,” Fajt says.


Geni Wren

AABP Director of

Marketing and Communications